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International differences in the necessary an Interior Designer
In many countries, the title ‘Interior Designer’ means the skills and remit with the items the UK call an ‘Interior Decorator. The confusion refers to protection of title. In Europe, an Interior Architect describes precisely the same remit and skill of your British interior designer, but as ‘Architect’ is often a protected title in the UK it can't be used to describe an indoor designer. Descriptions from the role and skills of interior designers differ all over the world, unlike that relating to an Architect, Lawyer or Doctor the place that the title is clearly identified.

SBID aimed to clarify the role and definition by identifying various sector specialisms within decor that require specific compliance laws. A clear knowledge of roles and obligations is core to your teaching structures - https://www.herfeed.com/?s=teaching%20structures and course content which trains new professionals. SBID is constantly on the work towards title recognition for the Interior Designer in the UK.

How does an Interior Designer become qualified?
In the UK, you can now describe themselves for an ‘interior designer’. Therefore for consumer protection, separation and distinction through the masses of hobbyists is key. The SBID member status denotes an enhanced degree of professional qualification and work experience beyond university education.

Designers can join at any stage into their career and progress with the membership levels to get the highest volume of practice as a possible SBID Accredited professional. SBID also accredits university course content as fit for professional practice, offering students at any recognised interior planning course free student membership. In 2022, SBID will introduce an entry exam to measure acquired knowledge. This process adds a layer above honours degree and work placements, giving the first UK based-tested measure of knowledge that could further your time and effort to protect the title of ‘decor’ in Great Britain.

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