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Celebrity hairstylists reveal how YOU can wear long hair at any age 

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Women of a certain age have long opted for shorter hair, believing that longer tresses are too ‘mutton’ or else look thin and lacklustre after a certain age. But stars including Madonna – /tvshowbiz/madonna/index.html, 62, Jennifer Lopez – /tvshowbiz/jennifer-lopez/index.html, 51, and Demi Moore, 58, prove there is no age limit to a longer style, especially if you use clever tricks to make your hair look thicker and more lustrous. This week 52-year-old Nicole Kidman – /tvshowbiz/nicole-kidman/index.html – known for her flowing locks – debuted a chic fishtail plait in the trailer for her new TV show, restarting the debate on how best to style long hair after 50.  Steph Stevenson, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Marie Claire Jetstyle & HNB Salon and Spa, explained that since peri-menopause has become a topic spoken about much more openly, women have become more comfortable asking for hair extensions.’In turn this makes women more comfortable wearing their hair longer and the perception of women over 50 having to have shorter hair has changed,’ she said.Speaking exclusively to FEMAIL, a selection of celebrity hairstylists have revealed their top tips on how to look good with long hair at any age – from adding layers to give the illusion of thicker, bouncier hair, to using extensions to add colour without damaging natural locks. In the promo for her chilling new Hulu series Nine Perfect, Nicole Kidman (pictured), 53, stole the show with her plaited, waist-length hair – and celebrity hairstylists have now revealed how you can wear long hair at any ageTHE IMPORTANCE OF PRE-PREP Longer hair should always have a good wash and condition before styling, according to Scott Beszick, celebrity and session hair stylist and make-up artist.  ‘Pre-prep is so important – if hair isn’t fresh you’re just “burning” products and dirt into the hair when you’re styling,’ he explained. ‘Shampoo de-clogs the scalp and removes dirt – http://www.modernmom.com/?s=removes%20dirt and impurities so always cleanse and nourish the hair before styling.

Longer hair is obviously older further down the lengths, so nourishing and deep conditioning is essential.’ RELATED ARTICLES Previous – # 1 – # Next – # Should employers offer menopause leave? Loose Women’s Jane… – /femail/article-9541363/Loose-Women-viewers-claim-women-menopause-leave.html The woman who rejected Ben Affleck on Raya: Inside Nivine… – /femail/article-9541249/Who-Nivine-Jay-woman-rejected-Ben-Affleck-exposed-TikTok.html Now that’s a body of work! As Mark Wahlberg gains 30lbs for… – /femail/article-9540845/Most-startling-film-transformations-time-Charlize-Theron-Christian-Bale.html ‘Sperminator,’ 44, who has fathered 78 children and… – /femail/article-9540829/Sperminator-fathered-78-children-says-just-say-no.html

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The expert went on to recommend trying a product which contains Broccoli Seed Oil, which mimics the initial effects of silicones naturally without the negative build up. ‘Historically silicones were favoured in haircare to create an initial glossy, silky smooth feeling, however over time these silicones build up causing problems for hair and scalp alike,’ he said. ‘Broccoli Seed Oil provides the positive effects naturally, whilst nourishing the scalp and hair.’  Scott Beszick says Demi Moore’s look (pictured) isn’t dissimilar to Madonna’s but is a ‘softer version.’ Pictured, on March 17LAYERS Celebrity hairstylist James Johnson says that we often think getting older means as things start to drop, the hair should get shorter with the chop – but he strongly disagrees. ‘Women of all ages can wear hair different lengths, and actually, having it longer as we age can look just as good as it did when they were younger, if not better,’ he said.However, the expert notes that having a long mane doesn’t mean leaving it and hoping for the best – adding that even long lengthy needs the same upkeep as a shorter style. ‘Yes its more forgiving if left to grown out, but then ends still need a trim and the layers still need refreshing,’ he explained.

‘Ratty ends are not cute, no matter the length or age!’ The celebrity hairstylist went on to explain how layers work well to give hair movement and shape.’Whilst layering the hair does remove the weight, it can also add the illusion there’s more hair than there actually is, making it appear thicker and bouncier,’ he said.

‘This means even if our hair is thinning as we age, with some added layers we can instantly thicken our locks.”It’s important to keep our layers on the side rather than too much shaping around the front. Keeping the front soft will help make us look younger, anything harsh and solid can age us.’Aaron Carlo, Lead Stylist for TRESemmé, added: ‘They will soften long hair and create shape to highlight and lift features like eyes and cheekbones, think Demi Moore vibes.’Meanwhile, Scott Beszick s


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