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Atheist can sue employer as his OPINION is like a religious belief

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A train conductor who celebrated pubs reopening by declaring that he didn’t want to live in a ‘Muslim alcohol-free caliphate’ has succeeded in arguing that his opinion is the equivalent of a religious belief – https://www.europeana.eu/portal/search?query=religious%20belief.’Secular atheist’ Jeremy Sleath was sacked for making the Facebook post in which he claimed Britain should not become like ” to beat .The long-serving conductor was fired for gross misconduct but the 63-year-old – who describes himself as a ‘secular, pluralist, atheist’ – alleges he was discriminated due to his firmly held convictions.Mr Sleath is against one-religion or one-party states, believes ‘all religions and none should exist in harmony’, and is ‘serious’ about his beliefs.An employment judge, who described him as ‘a character’, has now ruled his views amount to a religious or philosophical belief and his allegation of discrimination can now be tested at a full tribunal. Conductor Jeremy Sleath is a ‘secular atheist’ employed by West Midlands Trains and was fired after a controversial Facebook post declaring that he didn’t want to live in a ‘Muslim alcohol-free caliphate’ But the train conductor has succeeded in arguing that his opinion is the equivalent of a religious beliefA preliminary hearing was told Mr Sleath served West Midlands Trains for 17 years, lived alone with no dependants, and his life ‘revolves around the pub’ where he enjoys open discussion and debate.He ‘makes regular posts on Facebook with a view to stimulating discussion and debate’ but landed himself in hot water with a post in July last year.In the post that led to his dismissal Mr Sleath said: ‘Thank f*** our pubs open up today. ‘We cannot let our way of life become like some sort of Muslim alcohol-free caliphate just to beat Covid-19.’We must button up, face it, stiff upper lip, if necessary herd immunity it, but we must learn to live with it and not let our fantastic culture and way of life be trashed.’ RELATED ARTICLES

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Following a complaint to West Midlands Trains, he posted: ‘Apparently someone has complained about a comment I made about hoping UK never becomes an alcohol-free Muslim caliphate!

(Or Islamic State).’Unbelievable but true! If that’s a controversial statement now, the world’s gone mad!’Incidentally, I wouldn’t want UK to become any sort of religious or theocratic state, whether Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Chinese politburo, or even Christian.I wouldn’t even want an atheist state, my faith, if it involved banning other beliefs!’Mr Sleath admitted he may have misunderstood the exact meaning of caliphate and was ‘thinking of ISIS’ when he made the post. An employment  judge has ruled he can sue his former employer West Midlands Train for unfair dismissal (stock image)During a West Midlands Trains investigation, situs poker online – https://pkvasik.com/ cc situs poker online – https://pkvasik.com/, jelajahi situs ini –, he said: ‘Most Muslim states in the world are alcohol-free – e.g.

Dubai. I don’t think it’s slurring the Muslim religion; not all Muslims don’t drink. Some people might be Jewish by faith but still eat bacon.’I did clarify [previously] that I was saying that I did not want to live in a Muslim caliphate – I meant no theocratic hard-line state.’We do live in a Church of England [state] but it doesn’t have an impact apart from Sunday working hours.’My ideal is a secular society where all religions can be together.’The Birmingham Employment Tribunal heard he senior conductor was sacked for gross misconduct in September 2020, having worked for the train service since December 2003.Mr Sleath says that he is not anti-Muslim and does not wish to be disrespectful to religions, but that he has the right to criticise.He also believes ‘Remembrance Day should be a non-religious ceremony and does not believe Church of England bishops should have the right to sit in the House of Lords’.He told the tribunal: ‘I am secularist, pluralist, free thinker, who wants all religions and none to exist in harmony, and values freedom of speech highly.’I am secular, pluralist, atheist who wants to live in a State where all political, religious, or philosophical beliefs can be expounded and where freedom of speech exists.’My strongly held secular, pluralist, and atheist views have been ignored by West Midlands Trains.

They are as important to me as a religious person’s beliefs are to them.’I strongly believe that a Muslim Senior Conductor stating that he did not want to live in an alcohol-free Muslim caliphate would not have been treated in the disgraceful way I have been, so it is a clear case of discrimination.’Employment Judge David Battisby ruled ‘the specific beliefs that Mr Sleath holds…

are philosophical beliefs protected by the Equality Act 2010’.But, Judge Battisby agrees with West Midlands Trains that his discrimination ca


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