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Toxic beauty What you don’t know could make you toxic!

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While I was makeup artist at AVEDA in NYC I was exposed to the nasty chemicals that go in many cosmetic products used every day to make ourselves more beautiful. These chemicals – https://www.wonderhowto.com/search/chemicals/ can remain in your body for many years, possibly causing many health problems. Parabens are among the most dangerous chemicals.
What are parabens?
The simple answer is that chemicals called parabens are used as preservatives in pharmaceuticals, 激光脫毛 – https://www.evrbeauty.com/ cosmetics, and in the processing of food and beverages. There are four kinds: methyl-ethyl butyl, propyl and methyl parabens. You can search for them on the label of your favorite products and replace them with something more effective. Parabens are thought to be endocrine disruptors as well as reproductive poisons. This is a more complicated answer.
Why should I take note of this?
Since endocrine disruptors and toxins are chemicals that interfere with hormones and can disrupt the normal development and growth of reproductive and intelligence capabilities. A typical woman in the U.S. uses around 12 personal care items per day and the average teenage girl uses up to 17! Even if you use only a few of these products, that’s a lot of harmful chemicals entering your body each day. Imagine the effect this might have on your skin over the duration of your lifetime of applying makeup. You might think you are safe since cosmetics are put on your body. Be aware that if you are putting anything on your body (i.e. makeup, 激光脫毛 – https://www.evrbeauty.com/ lipsticks, glitter, and the like, are going in your body.
If parabens can be so harmful, why are they still in my makeup?
A lot of people think that the FDA regulates makeup. That if you can buy products at your local department store or drugstore, it must be safe. This isn’t always case. There is a lack of government regulation of cosmetics. Companies are not required by the U.S. government to perform health studies or pre-market safety tests on cosmetics. Companies are able to use nearly any chemical they like in their makeup, and they aren’t even required to divulge to you what those chemicals are.
What can I do to ensure my family’s safety?
Pay attention to labels The ingredients do not have to be listed on cosmetics. If a product is free of parabens it will state that and is an achievement that cosmetic companies are proud of and will boast about it! Also, keep in mind that claims such as “organic”, “natural” or “dermatologist tested” are not regulated when it comes to cosmetics and do not mean a product is safe. Do your own research and avoid to use or buy cosmetics or personal care products that contain chemical substances that are not safe.
I’m a cosmetics designer who works with dancers, cheerleaders and actors. I’m especially concerned about the health and safety of teens and children who are devoted to my cosmetics and love them. Teens who are either pre-pubescent or pubescent are especially at risk of exposure to these chemicals – https://sportsrants.com/?s=chemicals. The goal of JAM has always been to create an alternative to cosmetics that is healthier for those who dance, cheerleaders actors or performers, or anyone else who needs a durable makeup that is free of “long lasting chemicals”. I am delighted to announce that JAM’s cosmetics will be PAABENS-FREE as of Fall 2009.

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